1 week lead time for samples/prototypes. 6 week Lead time for production units. No tariff Surcharge. 20% minimum cost savings.

Single Phase EMI Filters

Single Phase EMI Power Line Filters reduce Electromagnetic Interference and noise conducting into and out onto equipment power lines for compliance with Commercial and Military emission and susceptibility standards. Premier Filters offers an extensive range of standard and custom Single phase EMI Power Line Filters for all voltages and currents. Standard offerings are to 300V and 80A.

Premier’s Single Phase EMI Power Line Filters provide industry leading performance through utilization of innovations in materials and design to ensure compliance with the most stringent limits and requirements. In addition, our leading compact sizes allow space saving installations for all equipment types. With single and multi-stage configurations designed in accordance with international safety standards, Premier Filters delivers the right solution on-time and under budget.

Please contact us at +1 (657) 226-0091 or info@premieremc.com to see how easy it is to get a Single-Phase EMI Power Line Filter to meet your system requirements.

Single-Phase EMI Power Line Filters and Examples of Applications and Markets

  • Fitness Equipment
  • IT and Network systems
  • Communication and Data Storage
  • Smart Appliances and Consumer Electronics
  • Power Supplies and UPS systems
  • Medical and Diagnostic equipment
  • Control and Lab equipment

Single Phase EMI Filters

Single Phase EMI Filters (1mA Leakage Current)

Single Phase EMI Filters (3.5mA Leakage Current)

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